Kitten Jumps into Dog's Mouth ???????????????

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Our 6 month old Seal Point Siamese kitten (Tebow) plays with our Yellow Labrador Retriever (Summer) every day. In this video Tebow jumps into the Summer's mouth during a play fight. Summer adopted Tebow when I brought him home. I found him in the culvert in front of our house. I brought him inside, we cleaned him up and fed him and the dog adopted him. Summer and Tebow play and sleep together very day. Tebow waits at the door and cries when I take the dogs out for a walk then greets them when they come back inside. Summer also protects Tebow from other dogs and cats if she thinks that they are being tooo rough. ????????, "puppy and kitten play" kitty pup puppy doggie doggy Siamese lab Labrador baby babies bunny fluffy cute fun funny tickle Hund chiot cachorro "anak anjing" gatito "anak kucing" ???????????????? ???????????

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Buccaneer Boots -- Cat Clips #158

Buccaneer Boots -- Cat Clips #158

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