Moving Out

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***Clickity Here, Peoples*** A video in which Adam has finally moved out and is living in the big city of Cardiff, Wales (Where they film Doctor Who!) Adam has no internet and is currently dealing with the problems of cooking his own food, buying his own food, not irritating his flat mate and learning to do his own washing... Adam is screwed! Oh, and try and spot how many kitten appearances there are in this video! Andy(Adam's flatmate)'s channel: ?????Linkage????? ? Second Channel: ? Facebook: ? Twitter: ? Shirts: Thanks for watching! All the love to your pets! TAGS: "Gears" TheGearsKeepTurning Gears Wales UK Vlogger Comedy Funny Silly Moving Out "Moving Out" Kitten Candy "Cute Kitten" Cardiff

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Ninja cat

Ninja cat

Posted on Wednesday, 30th of March 2011
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