Kitten right after being born and Gizmo not so sure 7 27 11

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So the 1st kitten "dropped" on the floor at about 9:30pm July 29th, 2011. (I didn't even know she was pregnant). I quickly found a box & some "rag towels" to throw together a "nesting box" for her. This is shortly after the 2nd kitten was born. **I've watched these a few times & I still can't figure out who was born 1st? Anyways, they just turned 1 yrs old on Sunday & to commemorate their bringing laughter, joy, peace & some chaos into my life shortly after I lost my Thorzie Man, I am going to keep up with daily video uploads that I took daily in their 1st 8mths for your "awwww" pleasure & enjoyment. This year has gone by SO fast! I know I am grateful for all the cute moments they've given me this past year & hopefully, many more to come ;)

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