Zorro POV 26-8-12

Length: 32:17
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I got a mini video camera to attach to Zorro's collar so I could see where he goes & what he does when he's in the yard. This is the first of such videos. I think I need to refine the placement of the camera as most of the time all you see is the ground & his feet. It's still interesting & funny though. He has a huge drink of water at the start, then takes of running & later meows at a bird. He has such a strange, loud & deep meow too! LOL! Hope you enjouy it! :)

Tags: cat kitten funny meow adorable sweet yard of pet silly crazy new random fluffy fox family vega de el black strange odd purr panther world claws interesting point teeth don la diego channel view duncan regehr zorro caballero querido mi preciosa