Naked Po' Man's Cooking with George, and oatmeal

Length: 09:55
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Uh oh. I've really done it this time. I'm totally naked cooking this super awesome oatmeal that kids AND adults will love! I've had recent demands for MORE Po' Man's Cookin' with George episodes, so I thought I'd share another simple recipe with you. And this is a real one of my own creation, and its delicious... I swear! My comedy is mainly improvisation, so I hope you will enjoy it :D New Subscribers are always welcome! Please leave a comment below! Press the LIKE button, and Share with your friends :D Chat with me on Twitter!: See me on Tumblr! DailyBooth (more of Dominik the Cat here!) Mail me fun stuff! Send to: Spiritus River PO Box 9260 Norfolk VA 23505 Your stuff may appear in a future video! Visit my 2nd Channel (spiritual themes): C ya! --George :D

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