Lucille, 2 week old kitten meowing and being cute

Length: 00:18
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Mulan (my sister's cat) had kittens, Lucille is the one I want. She's all white, but she has dark skin in places making it look like she has random dark places all over her. I named her Lucille Ball, not directly after the actress, but another car. Lucille is a siamese(Mulan is part, or pure siamese...? All I know is she is one or the other...) cat in Beautiful Creatures(and the Sequels), a totally awesome book, she was named after the actress, and it turns out that she is a special cat in the second book(Beautiful Darkness) and has a good role in the plot. At the end of the video Mulan farts(You cant hear it though). But it was funny.

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